Pan-Florida Challenge Ride For Hungry Kids

Join the Trek Pan-Florida Challenge Team!
Join the Trek Pan-Florida Challenge Team!

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For the past two years, I have led Trek’s support and sponsoring effort of the Pan Florida Challenge. It was awesome to be involved in this great cause to help feed local kids. Last year I got to ride the back to back centuries across the state and was blown away at the good will and positive vibes of everyone from the many volunteers to the riders.

From a cyclist perspective, it was way cool! I ended up riding with the lead group of about 15 which included the Papa John's Elite woman's team. Everyone shared the work and took pulls to get across the state. The area around Lake Placid was really nice, and we stayed overnight at a quiet resort on the lake. Lots of food!

Last year everyone except Papa John's rode in a Pan Florida jersey, but this year there will be "teams"... not necessarily as a competitive aspect, but for fund raising and team spirit. Sue and I will be leading a team from Trek and I thought it would be awesome to represent our Tri – Team complete in our team kits and tri bikes!

Please join the Trek Pan-Florida Team!

If you want to join the Trek Team for the Pan-Florida Challenge there are various ride length options with different donation amounts.

The feature ride is 200 miles across the state (100 miles per day) which is perfect training for an Ironman athlete. Imagine doing back to back centuries at your maximum sustainable pace for that distance… fully supported. Last year we averaged 23 mph one day 1 and 23.5 day two. It definitely kicked my fitness up a notch. Oh yeah you can brick run after if you want. I’m sure Sue will!

You have to raise $1750 in donations for the 200-mile ride. And the chairman of the event will kick in $100 for anyone signing up by February 1st. The donation amount for full time students is $875. Overnight lodging, food and transportation back home from the East Coast are provided by Pan-Florida.

Some more about the cause….

No child should experience hunger. Not anywhere, but certainly not among the prosperity of much of Florida. The sad fact is that many children experience hunger in the 68 hours when they leave school on Friday afternoon and return to school on Monday morning. We’re going to do something about this hidden hunger epidemic and need your help.

We have registered for the Pan-Florida Challenge Ride for Hungry Kids and have committed to raising money to feed hungry kids. Consider these facts:

  • • One in four Florida children (25 percent) are food-challenged - so hungry they often can’t sleep or study or do anything but worry about when they’ll eat again.
  • •Kids suffering from poor nutrition miss more school, suffer developmental setbacks, experience social, emotional and behavioral challenges – all because they are hungry • In just three years, Pan-Florida Challenge has provided over 3 million meals to hungry children.
  • With your support, 2,500+ children will receive PFC Power Packs On March 10, 2018, we will join hundreds of other riders who are all committed to feeding hungry children.

We will endure physical pain so that children will no longer have to endure the pains of hunger. They will return to school on Monday fed, refreshed, and ready to learn. Just $25 will stave off a child’s hunger for an entire month. For $250 you can feed a child for an entire school year. Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! We can cure childhood hunger, one meal at a time. We thank you, and thousands of hungry kids will thank you, too.

Please join Sue and I and the Trek Team in this great cause. And if you can’t ride donations are welcome…. Thanks so much!


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