Participant Center

The Participant Center will provide you with the tools you need to accomplish your fundraising goal. Each rider automatically has a personal page that can be shared with friends and family. To customize your profile with your photo and your story, login to the Participant Center and click on Edit profile. You will be able to upload your picture and increase your fundraising goal.

Tell your story, in your own words, of why you are riding. People are moved most by an emotional, personal appeal from the heart. If you have any personal connection with hunger, through volunteer activities, family history, etc., any testimony you share will have a powerful impact on others. One example:

“In high school, I visited a slum in the city where I lived. A disabled neighbor had asked me to deliver some candy and toys to a young girl she was “sponsoring,” by paying for her school meals, supplies, medical care, etc. I had never seen such abject poverty in my life. People were living amongst the garbage. What struck me most, when I met the girl and her family, was how gracious and sharing they were. The mother invited me into their tiny living space and offered me fruit and water. The little girl grabbed the enormous bag of candy I’d brought and, taking none for herself, immediately passed it around to all the other children who’d come to see the visitor. This experience stayed with me forever and I’ve never seen a hungry child since without thinking of that little girl, of how she and her family shared what little they had with others and how one stranger’s grace in providing food and schooling gave her the chance to climb out of poverty and hunger.”

If you have no personal experience to share, just write from the heart about how you feel about childhood hunger and why you want to make a difference in a young person’s life.

Use the Participant Center to manage all aspects of your fundraising. Here, you will track donations, enter check donations, send out emails, and manage your contacts.

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