Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitter reception

Heavy Hitters are an invaluable asset to PFC since their fundraising represents 50% of our total. Their efforts feed many hungry kids.

Heavy Hitters are riders who raise at least $3,000. Riders who reach this level will be honored at PFC’s very special Heavy Hitter Evening reception. Last year’s event took place on a private yacht and featured professional catering and sunset viewing. Heavy Hitters will receive a badge on their PFC personal page and rider bib, as well as premium lodging if staying for the overnight portion of the ride.


We salute the 2017 PFC Heavy Hitters.

Mike Assaad $49,465
Jim Gula $31,435
Celeste Callahan $13,930
Jean-Paul Musicco $8,965
John Ashford $8,394
Carl Rubin $8,275
John Hennessy $5,755
Laraine Bergmann $4,575
Timothy McLean $3,165
Steve Beringer $3,050
Michael Mcfadden $3,015